Sunday, October 02, 2005

Pig in at Polk's

Pig in a Polk
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After zooming through 130 miles of Jasper, Hampton, and Allendale Counties on a wild goose chase for steak, I came upon Polk's pork place while poking along a Colleton County road today. The GT is poised for a quick escape, just a standard precaution when entering any unknown rural restaurant where discretion may be the better part of valor. Well, if a fellow looks like a sweet potato the common taters might have something to say about that.

It turned out to be a friendly buffet style family place serving good old country style trimmings with Polk's tasty pork "barbecue" which I have obviously misspelled if you consult the sign above. They meet what I consider the legal requirements for such establishments the first 5 of which are: 1-Must be a concrete block structure 2-Rural location, 3-Vinyl tablecloths, 4-No booze, 5-Posted Rules! Old Glory aloft is always a plus. I mean who wants to stumble into some Norwegian or German joint at such at time. You should be Russian to get there, but if you are Finnish, you've got to leave. Bone-apres-teat.


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