Monday, October 03, 2005

State of Grace

The GT is at the foot of the John P. Grace Memorial Bridge, born in 1929 on the cusp of the Great Depression and died in 2005 in the midst of the great bull market in real estate, the orgy of urban sprawl.

The bridge replaced a ferry which conducted people, creatures and cars to and from the Charleston peninsula and the community of Hungryneck or Mt. Pleasant as it's legally known or what's left of that once tranquil town.

This bridge was joined, not replaced, in 1969 by the Silas Pearman Bridge seen on the left of The Grace, a structure almost obsolete once built.

Both are now replaced by the Arthur Ravenel, Jr., Bridge, the longest cable-stayed bridge in North America.

In this picture the sun is literally and figuratively setting on the wonderful old Grace Bridge.


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