Saturday, March 03, 2007

You Bet Your Bass

You Bet Your Bass
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We prefer the off season. Most of our trips are to places where we would not go during their peak season. Here's a place you'd not find us on, say, the Fourth of July, but the bare trees show how far we are from the peak season. Sometimes the most rewarding solitude can be found at off times in places which would otherwise be teeming with a crush of people and the chaos which they will bring down upon this place.

It won't be on the first day of actual good weather, but on the day when their virtual world of TV weather drama gives them the green light to move upon such places that they will come. It will be as if one packed all the inmates of Bedlam into a tractor trailer, game them booze, boats and grilles and off loaded them right here. A good time to be had by all.

This is a beautiful spot in its own right, but it could also be the contrast between peak and off season conditions which charms us. It's the feeling you get when you see the world's worst behaved child sleeping sweetly as a puppy. It is similar to what you feel when you're the last car on the far side of the eight car pile up which closed down the interstate and you're all alone on three quiet empty lanes. It is that strange peace one feels when walking the beach at Normandy on a warm, still morning with the indelible memory of the terror of D-Day unavoidably in the back of the mind.

The lighthouse behind us looks good enough to be real. The pastel sky is more genuine than any camera will ever record. The sign on the shed brags that you can "Bet Your Bass" they're big fish to be caught here. There is another special feeling we have in such places. We are probably in that space between two worlds. In the not too distant future, the sign on the shed my well say SALES OFFICE.


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