Friday, February 02, 2007

Rocks Rolling


We are at the gateway to Rocks Pond Campground at Eutawville, SC. They planted their campers on land they claim to be the site of the oldest working plantation in South Carolina which dates to 1754. Rocks Pond is in a wide field of competition for this title. There are usually numerous qualifiers to such claims: oldest working plantation not featured in a movie, oldest working plantation growing candy apple apples, oldest working plantation employing legal immigrants, oldest working plantation no longer working...very hard.

Regardless of the validity of their claim, Rocks Pond is certainly a funky old fashioned spread to which many camping trailers came, but never left. Gracing the footprint of resident campers' plots is a treasure trove of that seedy style of yard statuary which is almost endearing in its innocence and just this side of high camp.

The Cloisters at Sea Island is safe from losing visitors to Rocks Pond for the moment, but this site is prime waterfront property on Lake Marion. What has been inexpensive access to boating, fishing, swimming and safe family recreation for many years may well be entering the phase of numbered days.

More on Rocks Pond in subsequent postings.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And if you go by boat eastward out into the lake to island 26, you'll be in Berkeley County. You'll find a churchyard with headstones displaying last names that will make you think that you're in St. Philip's churchyard. It appears that the church either burned or was dismantled after the lake was built. F.W.

8:02 PM  
Blogger Windviel said...

Many thanks for the tip. We love to get leads and background on interesting sopts to visit. We wonder if these folks buried on island 26 get to vote as often as those in St. Phillips' churchyard? We're still looking for a long lost bottle of Pahoo's Elixir. Always good to hear from old pals.

10:49 AM  

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