Friday, February 09, 2007

How many men does it take....


Well, from the picture it would appear that it takes three men for the job: two to do the actual lifting and hauling while a third leans on a brick pillar and tries to figure out how we got an 80 inch sofa into the trunk of this car. It's a question worth asking.

From the beginning, the Mustang's been long on hood and very short on trunk. Over the years one reviewer held that the Mustang's trunk could hold only one six pack of beer and a bikini. In this model year we were gratified to see that Ford has installed a pull cord with a plastic handle to be used to open the trunk from WITHIN. There are many problems which may befall the owner or operator of any motor vehicle, but this is not at the top of if even on any list. We are at a loss as to how one might fall into this extremely small trunk, first fitting in that cramped compartment and then have the spring loaded trunk lid somehow slam shut upon one.

We're not so sure that Ford considers this one of their better ideas. It smells a little like their loss prevention guys fear a lawsuit arising from an inexplicable fall into the trunk. There seems less than a million to one chance of this happening. Of course, the chance of bogus litigation so inspired is much, much stronger. How often do you walk by one of these cars and hear someone banging on the inside of the trunk lid yearning to be free? How often to you see a shyster lawyer promoting himself in a TV ad?

Then there is the possibility that one may be overcome by criminals, forced into the trunk and driven to Kansas City. That escape cord ought to come in handy when the car is out running on the interstate around 90. There are those religious fanatics who might want to bury a fellow before his time. Who would want to be sealed in the trunk like Tutankhamen ? To have a so crowded a tomb and to be left with only a bikini and a six pack is hardly a Pharaoh's dream. Maybe the inside latch IS a good idea.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure about the bikini and brew, but today I had the fortunate experience of seeing a 230lb man crawl into the trunk of my mustang during a spirited dyno-tune session. His involvment was for traction purposes only, due to the car burning the tires off on the rollers. After the run I think he could have gone for that six pack though.....The look on his face was priceless :) (insert "trunk-monkey" joke here). BTW, where was the location of the pic?

-Heather's Husband...

7:39 PM  
Blogger Windviel said...

Great to hear from you! We've heard a good many stories about your Mustang and understand that it is back together and it appears to be running well. Smoking the dyno !

We don't have any traction problems with the GT. We've got a heavy trunk monkey behind the wheel.

That was taken in Beaufort. Good luck with YOUR pony!

9:50 PM  

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