Saturday, January 13, 2007

Where Did They Go, Why Where They Here ?


Usually we try to provide some background of the places we visit, some reason for its being and our being there as well. Sometimes we know their past lives and sometimes we do a little research. All we have are a few faint memories of this nice little row on the north side of Heriot Street just west of the City of Charleston Fire Station.

This is a curious building which seems to be a set of units, perhaps stalls. It could have been a stable at one point in time. Charleston is filled with many buildings which have been through generations of widely varying usage.

We recall that in the not too distant past several vendors used these spaces to sell raw seafood and cooked goods. Live crabs and sandwiches were sold, beverages and bets went down. It was a busy place of foot traffic and happy faces. The offerings varied a great deal from day to day. There was no advertising or open promotion so it was clearly by word of mouth that buyers were drawn to the delights of the day.

It was that way for many years then one the people and the electric meters were gone. This enchanting building has no place in the new development of the Neck area of the Peninsula. It's probably not old enough to qualify for preservation protection, but then there are few if any who trying to save structures of character up here.

Should anyone happen upon this posting who has further knowledge of the use and history of this place, please send us a comment. It would be nice to know more as we'll soon only have this photographic record. It was not frequently photographed through the years. The world mourns the fall of great hotels, but little notes the passing of these little points in time.


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