Friday, February 23, 2007

But, will it hold up in court ?


There are many blogs featuring Mustangs and other automobiles which promote engine modification, performance, speed, even racing, but this is not one of them. We've been clear in showing our respect for safety, courtesy and the posted speed limits on the roads we travel. Still....this happens to be car which if not employed for speed and performance, at least hasn't forgotten its heritage. It is, after all, genetically predisposed to such traits.

We like to take in the sights, sounds, scents of the byways we drive. We're in no rush and have no deadline so there's no need for speed. There are, however, times when may drop our guard just a bit and fail to suppress the vehicle's natural inclination to pour the oats to the three hundred horses. Such a moment overtook us recently. During a gentle drive along a straight stretch in an unnamed county in South Carolina, we noticed blue lights in the rearview mirror closing fast upon us. An officer from an unnamed jurisdiction pulled us over, reviewed our credentials and shared with us the information which his radar had just shared with him. It was a number which we shall not share with you.

After giving the matter some serious consideration, the officer us a verbal warning rather than a printed invitation to jail. We are grateful to this day for that blessing. Should the vehicle again make the unilateral decision to violate the posted limts we thought that it might be wise to have a batch of these speed limit signs with us. We'd place them over the badly outdated signs on our way west then just let the car be itself, shall we say, on our return east. Of course, we can only pull this once in each of our 46 counties. What the heck, at least we're not watching car chases on


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