Sunday, December 10, 2006

Of Mustang and Manger

[ FOR BETTER RESOLUTION, CLICK ON IMAGE ] This is December 2006 at Rosinville, SC, the same site at which the Mustang and Military Mannequins was photographed. That was a military shrine, quite popular these days. It could have been interpreted as celebrating the birth of this nation.

In lettering upon the roof of the shrine there is a different celebration of birth in this one.

Forty years ago in many other parts of the nation during an unpopular war, displays of support for the US military were also unpopular and likely to be criticized if not vandalized when left unattended. Manger scenes, on the other hand, enjoyed traditional popularity and were ubiquitous around the nation. Even in trendy college towns which bought into the counter culture fashions of the moment, you'd find manger scenes in many stores and most public areas. It just wasn't questioned by serious people and those who questioned the public display of the Manger were not taken seriously.

Today even ardent opponents of the current war are very careful, if not always sincere, in making open public displays of support for "our men and women in uniform" as it's usually phrased in the same breath with which they condemn that war. Support of the Manger scenes, however, has come under increasing fire. Municipalities unwilling to face legal action from opponents of such displays are far more reluctant to allow them.

So, in many other parts of the country the military displays wax and the Manger wanes. Here in Rosinville there seems no political or cultural struggle, no wringing of hands and no controversy. Where Highways 178 and 15 intersect so do respect for the military and traditional Christian icons. For one's own personal safety, it would be wise to mess with neither in these parts


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Just there the other mannequins but if I remember, there was a POW sillouhette display in the yard near the stage/pavillion. From what I understand, this stage was used for the turpentine festival...from what I learned, has not occurred in over 15 years.

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