Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Yule Tied ? Guidelines for Seasonal Displays

We'll have to admit that on rare occasions we've had to substitute an exact replica or Pygmy Mustang GT where the full sized model might not go smoothly. 17 floors above Fifth Avenue last week is one example.

In today's photo does Santa or the Mustang look more real? The car does look like it just came from Santa's bag of tricks and Santa looks quite lifelike. The GT's no bigger than Mr. Kringle's brogans. The most realistic feature of Santa is the mooring lines attached to him fore and aft. Let's face it, today Santa needs guidelines as does any "Holiday" display.

Most of the Santa's in our experience, many portrayed in recent films and certainly the one who appeared in the favorite TV special," A Christmas Story ", have been ...well, gassed. This one seems that way literally and figuratively. The rubefacient which gives Santa that warm glow comes not from arctic winds or external applications. There's a reason that kids aren't allowed to smoke in Santa's presence. To prevent our department store Santas from misspeaking sentimental notions to our kids, we must keep him out of the bars and focus him on the barcodes.

Keeping Santa securely in check using today's best guidelines will assure that he does not topple over upon the kiddies, lose his trousers or step on any toes. Let's keep the Yule Tied Up !


Anonymous Pam said...

I think this Santa needs to be secured to the top of the mustang...now that would be something going down the road, wouldn't it?

10:51 PM  
Blogger Windviel said...

Yes, Pam, St. Nick would make a handsome roof ornament for the Mustang. We had Thomas Wolfe's headstone angel once for a hood ornament so your suggestion fits this season just fine. Thanks for dropping by.

11:36 PM  

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