Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bee City or Be Square

[ FOR BETTER RESOLUTION, CLICK ON IMAGE ] Easing up Hwy 61 heading north, about 4 miles past the 3rd bridge over the Edisto River, which is 2 miles above the intersection of Hwys 61 and 27, you will find this array of signs promoting Bee City. The signs are set in a bit too far to be prominent to the traffic and the roadside mailbox (blocked by the GT) is a study in confusion as our 2nd photo demonstrates.

Several months ago we crossed paths with a team of 5 brand new Ford Thurnderbirds perched just off the road on Hwy 61 at Hwy 27. Being of the Ford Family we felt is reasonable that we might pull over and ask those polite and admiring questions which gather blog fodder, but do not get us jailed or shot. The group did not object, but rather enjoyed the attention while explaining that they were a cluster of old friends who loved the original or "classic" T-Bird and decided that each couple would buy a new one. Their plan seemed far more logical to us than most who might read this posting. They loved their cars, but no one loved the plan more than their Ford dealer.

The T-Bird band told us that the were headed as a team to Bee City. Having run Hwy 61 north and south in that region we had never noticed the signs, heard of the place. Last week we found the place.

We don't know much about Honeybee Farming and quickly dismissed images of bees driving tiny tractors, planting gigantic flowers and returning to miniature farm houses at dusk. It appears that it is the means by which the honey is extorted from the bee and where the wax it segregated from the honey. There is, of course, a gift shop and a seafood restaurant which morphs into a cafe. One sign promotes just a zoo while another promises a " petting " zoo. That expression always gives us pause. This is to say that we did not wish to see Ned Beatty on all fours nor Burt Reynolds selling tickets. Fortunately, it's a collection of passive and friendly critters who warm to the human touch after the zoo puts a small touch on your wallet.

During the trip into the interior, some child had broadcast the alarming news that the Petting Zoo's badger was DEAD..that is " dayed ". Children love nothing so much as to knock the stilts out from under adult constructed devices or to blow the whistle on parents' secrets, great or small. always in front of those upon the news has greatest impact. A patient and pleasant seeming fellow approached us to explain that their badger always looks dead, seems dead, acts dead, but always wakes up for feeding time.

A view of the inner kingdom follows in the next photo.


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