Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bee Mail


Bee City's mailbox seems unremarkable at speed, at a distance, but upon closer inspection there appears to be an unrecognized art form at work. The box began service with a coat of Carolina (UNC) Blue which may have irritated loyal local Carolina (USC) fans though management obviously resisted the Gamecock's Garnet and Black.

There is some evidence that no primer coat preceded the white paint now in partial retreat. We cannot rule out artistic objectives in this, however. Bolder blacker font could hardly be found to better herald one's arrival at Bee City, yet odd blue copy dropping to lower case confounds the visitor. It resembles a hidden word puzzle from READERS' DIGEST. The red over green dots is certainly a secret signal not within our experience. The population shown as 1,260,000 adds a decidedly surreal touch to the project. We deem this to be in its first trimester in its development as certified site specific art. Bee City may be aiming at the Spoleto overflow crowds.

An important detail about this mailbox proves that the owners stand in well with the community as respected neighbors: no bullet holes. There's no better index.


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