Thursday, November 09, 2006

What Seat are You Running For ? Election Day + 1


On this, the first day following the great mid-term election of 2006, we wanted to reflect on the campaign. In the U.S. House of Representatives every seat was up for grabs. We were reminded of the quality of the campaigning in the late election when we came upon this photo taken last November. We wonder if the folks who will occupy the two seats in Old # 7 might know more about what they are doing than those who will occupy the seats in Congress.

Since were a nonpolitical blog, we're much more comfortable in the two seater in blue. The other two seater is, however, bipartisan: one seat for Democrats and one seat for Republicans. In Old #7 they will certainly find parity. In the months ahead this will be a pleasant reminder of the campaign for the nostalgic.

Not only do we feel that the atmosphere in Old #7 is consistent with that of the campaign ads we've just experienced, we suspect that the quality of the paperwork produced by office holders will match as well.


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