Saturday, May 13, 2006

Beautiful Bucolic Bluffton


In yesterday's posting we spoke to a question raised by Lisa, the Blog Scout, regarding Beaufort, SC, and its place in the overall scheme of the Low Country. Today our friend and fellow LC Blogger, Agricola, dropped us this comment and suggestion:

"Perhaps, Windviel, a future trip might include a visit to the bucolic town of Blufton (at least it was when I last visited), which, if memory serves, is geographically located between Hilton Head and Beaufort. Spiritually, I don't know where Blufton lies, but I do hope its soul still resides in the Low Country. "

No sooner said than done, Ag and thanks for the suggestion. Here we are in front of The Church of the Cross ( Episcopal ) on Calhoun Street in Beautiful Bucolic Bluffton. This historic church dates back to 1857. When the Union Army burned the community in 1863, they spared...or overlooked this church. Houses of worship are the last and often only spot out of the developer's reach. What fresh hell might sit upon this choice waterfront property had the church not endured?

The Bucolic Index doesn't climb much higher than this.

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