Friday, April 21, 2006

Caeser, Visa and 50 Days O' Easter


Fifty days in the life of All Saints Church, Pawleys Island, SC, is, but the wink of an eye. They were founded in 1848. 50 days means at least one oil change for the Mustang, founded in 2005. It means one mortgage payment to most mortals and just ten days to the next one. In a fifty day period we pay Caesar, Visa and some fellow member of the congregation is waving the alms basin in your face about seven times. We may cross paths with the hearse, the curse or worse during that time.

Now, today, April 21, you're probably sighing, " Well, thank heavens Easter's over." You would be wrong. It ain't half over and for you sinner's, hell ain't half full. Easter has a Fifty ( 50 ) day run so there's plenty of time for your soul to pick up a nail and go flat halfway down this road. You clueless lot who think you can prove or disprove Easter may also believe that you can speed right through these 50 days, but you'll just wear the tread clean off your soul. We haven't found this important principle in scripture yet, but the soul is where the rubber meets the road.

The clearest testimony to this is the fact that the Energizer Bunny is stands for Easter, get it? When their marketing geniuses went to work, they didn't take a cheetah, horse or monkey, they co-opted (stole) the Easter Bunny for their own because THEY knew that Easter is really a fifty day event.

All Saints Church had been on the Episcopal Church's main road for most of it's long life, but recently they took a detour down the Anglican alley. They broke with the main church and its doctrine. This won't be a 50 day plan. Better break out that atomic powered Energizer bunny because this story will keep going and going and going....


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