Saturday, April 22, 2006

Pray at the Pump


Gazers upon the TV box and increasingly internet dwellers seem to love bad news and demonstrate an amazing tolerance for even the clumsiest of reporters and networks which heap it upon them. One need be neither smart nor look good as long as the news is bad. Of course, you don't have to drill for bad news with all the unprovoked gushers covering us with the stuff.

Rising oil pricing is that bit of grit within the network oyster which brings forth pearls of wisdom. The frazzled soccer Mum or the grizzled working man will be posed at ....the pump. Their angry mugs will be wide angled into the screens of the pore counting viewers while the voice-over adds, " Some folks wonder where it's all going to end ". Well, it's not going to end until some bold step is undertaken. Would you like step into the convenience store, wait in a long line of lottery loiterers or would you rather Pray at the Pump ? Why not just drop down on those weak knees, bow your head beside the windshield washer font and pray like hell. We will !

As a measure of our sincerity we traveled to a church camp meeting area in search of inspiration and found a prayer pump. We believe that this could be the boot camp which would launch thousands who would go forth and Pray for Petrol. Some may fail through weakness of faith so their only alternative is the "Georgia credit card", a length of syphon hose.


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