Saturday, April 29, 2006

Wash It or Park It !


With our insatiable hunger for country stores, rural roads and those one-of-a-kind enterprises, we were drawn off the road by this sign. It is clearly an imperative statement since there's no question mark. They don't offer to wash it for you, they seem to command one to produce a clean car. Since none of the parked cars are clean, this would appear to be the dirty car impound. Who knows what became of the drivers.

Wash it or Park It appears to be the idea. We see some tough signs on the road and from where we sit, " Wash your Car ", does not sound like a request.

This demand appears stronger than signs against litter, speeding and failed health. Some billboards forbid motorists to have kidney disease or strokes. Others inveigh against mannequins and demand that we fight them or their philosophy ( Fight Mannequinism dot org or comm or something ), but that seems a bit one sided. Now, when we're talking strong signs, the ones we really like are those erected by SCDOT which grant motorists Godlike power when it begs, " Let 'em Work, Let 'em Live ". They'd better hope we're in a good mood when we come up on the road work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

" Let 'em Work, Let 'em Live "
This is not a sign with god like powers, if it were no one would be killed while working on the roads. It is says watch out and dotn kill someone and take them from there loved one.

1:21 PM  

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