Friday, March 31, 2006

What in the Sam Hill is This ?

What in the Sam Hill is This ?

Sliding up Hwy 78 not long ago, we encountered a structure which puzzled and challenged us. The proper form of inquiry in these parts is, " What in the Sam Hill IS that ?" The prospect of passing something like this, whatever it might be, is not an option for Windveil.

As nearly as can be determined, this is some sort of shrine. After calling out politely for a bit, we learned that we were the guests, perhaps the prisoners of mannequins, the female model and uniformed in our nations armed services. The (US) Army, Navy, Air Force are well represented within. We even have one mannequin administering an IV to a mannequin confined to a wheelchair. We don't know if this is a depiction of an injured service person or whether they needed the legs to keep one of the others on her feet. The Highway Patrol does that with their cars so why can't a roadside patriot do the same ?

The white header on the structure provides a good contrast to the two suspended items which are, on the left, a helicopter and on the right, a " Super Fortress " from WWII. They are suspended on thin rods to simulate flight. The nice little picket fence is trimmed in Christmas bunting.

So, someone's erected a covered stage, set up a picket fence and laid out one of the nicest concrete pads, a flat, smooth, level tarmac which any airport would envy. It seemed as if they had intended that the GT be displayed in that arena so we obliged. No sooner did we trip the shutter than a neatly permed lady in a 1991 Ford Crown Victoria begin circling. This looked the beginning of the movie, " Blue Mustang Down " and I could sense that there were hidden natives about to drag us from the vehicle. A hasty retreat found the lady following as a discrete distance, but clearly shadowing us. We pulled in for fuel around 5 miles up the road and she entered the parking lot, circled and wrote down the tag and was gone. Our days may be numbered so if we don't post again in a week, call the Blog Squad to recover our remains.


Blogger jaz said...

Every shutterbug's favorite person... the suspicious local who wants to know "why you taking pictures of stuff."

4:07 PM  
Blogger Windviel said...

Thank you for the question as to " why you (sic) taking pictures of stuff." That reminds me of the classic final exam in Philosophy 101 which contained, but ONE question: " WHY ? ".

As we all know, the best, perhaps only answer is, " Why Not !"

3:51 PM  

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