Friday, March 31, 2006

April Fool's Prank: Grace Span Replaced....partially !

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April Fool's Prank: Grace Span Replaced....partially !

Here's a little reminder to all the good folks who are in Charleston today to participate in the annual passion play which is our Cooper River Bridge Run. This is also a reminder to anyone not planning to run the bridge tomorrow to think about eating out somewhere other than downtown Charleston. Primarily, this is a reminder to not run up THIS bridge. It is the proverbial Bridge Too Far and the Cooper River way too fast.

With all carbo loading, high energy beverages and all that hot air the runners will be expending this evening, it is not unlikely that some will be disoriented in the early morning. Just under Fifty-Thousand souls will be queuing up to make the Cooper River Bridge Run in the early hours of Saturday morning, April 1, 2006. BEWARE.

As a very dangerous April Fool's Joke, some pranksters, drug crazed urban youths or Citadel Engineering students gone stir crazy or Clemson Architectural students trying to out-ugly their disaster on George Street..or some such brace of boneheads has reattached the Mt Pleasant approach to the old John P. Grace Memorial Bridge, but...just over the rise they forgot the rest of the bridge. Whoops ! So, it's into the drink for all who charge up this bridge and you get to meet Mayor John P. Grace in person at YOUR finish line.

As a public service, Windveil is providing complementary security to prevent any deadly dunkings. We realize that some runners will become impatient with the mass of humanity in their way and just go for the next available bridge.

Just remember, if you see us out there, you've got the wrong bridge. And...what's the rush? That fellow from Kenya is going to win it yet again anyway.


Anonymous mrcurious said...


Did you change your blog's layout? We lazy people were using your links to other Charleston Bloggers and now we can't find them. Can you help a fella out on this?

11:23 AM  
Blogger Windviel said...

No, Sir. I made a mistake when posting the picture. I left it large because Blogger compresses the photos and makes them look TERRIBLE. I get jagged lines and warped images suggestive of the psychedelic experience when I make the photos the normal size. They look like a drunk's paint-by-number oil.

Unfortunately, when I left it large the photo displaced the column which shows the Holy City Blogger roster. I will keep the photos small for that reason, but do click on the pictures to get a more reasonable version of the origianl. Thanks very much for visiting and making us your path to the HCB's.

3:14 PM  

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