Saturday, April 08, 2006

Bridge Ices Before Road


Not today, thanks. Well, where ARE we? Muncie, Indiana ? Yellow Knife, Alaska ? Moose Jaw, SK ? Nope. We're in Georgia ( USA , Not Russia ). We didn't see a lot of ice even though the bridges in South Carolina warn, year 'round, that " Bridge Ices Before Road ". Georgia is more seasonally correct in reminding drivers that " Bridges Freeze in Winter ". No muskeg to report in that portion of the Peach State.

It being April and the ground visible, we pulled into this store to see about some red clay tires as that appeared to be our only road challenge at the time. The man said, " We ain't got no ' red clay ' tars, but what you need are some sidewalk tars since that seems to be whar you lack to drive ".

We resisted the urge to leave a portion of our "tars" on his sidewalk and eased on down the road before the gentleman reappeared with some sort of tar iron.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Snow Tire Company, Downtown Athens GA, Awesome!

12:48 AM  

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