Monday, January 26, 2009


We love to go out into the hinterlands and find new roads, get lost, lose our way. This weekend we were able to do all three in one run. We eschew the crutches of those so crippled of spirit that they must know at every given moment just where in this world they might be. We want to lose or find our own way in our own good time.

We have no GPS much less one which shoots off it's artificial mouth. Why in the name of radial tires would one pay money for a squawk box which yammers endlessly at the driver often giving bad advice which it scolds the driver for not following. One might as well hire a hooker, put her in the back seat and have her pretend to be a mother-in-law.

We don't put much stock in the widely worshiped Map Quest. We've seen that program knock geometry out of the ball park. Sometimes it presumes that the user is a drug dealer trying to shake tailing cops. It can send you in such a circuitous route as to trigger vertigo. No thanks, none for us please.

When a ship is launched, She is said to have gone "down the ways." In this case we're 'twixt the ways, halfway between the Ways as it were. How would the GPS work here ? What would the mother-in-law say now ? Not since the ever popular blog WALK THIS WAY lost its way when Journal Space lost its way, has there been greater confusion.

Well, just a half mile, not two drag strips away, we did find our way or the way to Halfway at least. We are parked at Halfway Gut Road. It sounds like painful and incomplete surgery or slipshod deer processing. If anyone knows what this means, we're all ears. Now, if there was some device, some gadget which could lead us to such oddly named places we might be willing to cave in a bit and buy one.


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