Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Boykin Recreated by Boykins


Boykin, SC, is in Kershaw County, a tiny little bend in the road which is being recreated or perhaps created as the case may be. We're parked in front of what is called " Boykin Country Store ....( LLC ) ". We believe that the period being recreated of Boykin, at Boykin predates the creation of the LLC. It also predates INC, PC, CD's MP3's, and AT&T. It has actual, rather than virtual, history.

The Boykin family is the ruling tribe in these parts and has been since Boykin became Boykin. It's no hollow bled out ghost of a name as there are plenty of real life flesh and blood Boykins walking around this very day. Many little towns in the state took their names from founding families which have long been extinct, but the Boykins have not only survived, they have prevailed.

The State Dog of South Carolina is the Boykin Spaniel which was bred into being by the Boykins. Some jokers and liars have suggested a closer link to the line than simply directing the breeding, but we flatly reject that notion. The Boykins have produced some pretty strong lawyers and we want our exception noted for the record. The Boykin's extended families have extended their reach in business and adventure all over the globe. Many of them have been very successful in one field or the other or both. Boykins have been in state government and not long ago in the very prominent center. Boykins seem to return to Boykin, its outlands and Camden, SC. They come back to visit and they come back to stay. Many more will be planted hereabouts before the end of this line.

Our photo is of one of several such buildings which have been relocated to the site near the old Boykin Mill and the adjacent Mill Pond. Up through the 1970's that area was little more than a site for large parties following Camden's legendary Carolina Cup Steeplechase. Now this little collection of buildings includes a highly rated restaurant which draws diners from all over the Midlands. These seem to be authentic structures, but whether they represent the way Boykin used to be we cannot know ourselves. The Boykins made all the history of Boykin so they got to write its history as well. The Boykins are the last word on Boykin, in Boykin.


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