Monday, October 16, 2006

The 3 Basic Food Groups


We've squeezed into the South Carolina community of Wedgefield. Just past the railroad tracks is Batten's General Store and Sportsman's Kitchen. It's a fully stocked general store and a required stop for anyone with high personal standards for boiled peanuts.

We once dropped by and asked whether they happened to have any BP's which brought a strange stare from the lady behind the counter saying, " No. They're not in season !" She looked at us as if we were smuggling bowl weevils into the county. When we told her that we'd just bought some an hour earlier back down the road, she replied, " Well, Lord knows where those peanuts came from ." Batten's only boils locally grown peanuts and in season. Many others get their green peanuts from all sorts of places even...Mexico we were told. Well, we thought, if they're from Mexico you'd have to boil them anyway.

You learn a lot from a good country store. For example, they've gone and posted the three basic food groups on their sign: GATOR , PIZZA , and BURGERS. They seem to suggest that Gator is best for breakfast then you'd want Pizza for Lunch and, of course, a good Burger for Dinner. Anyone who knows so little about boiled peanuts needs such assistance in nutrition planning.


Anonymous Ellen said...

One of my most favorite-est places in the world! Wondered when you'd feature Batten's. Kudos!!!

Last time I visited was over two years ago, with my husband, quite ill at the time. It was a Sunday. As we drove in we heard Gospel singing from the building next door. Seems they have put a make-do church there.

I really wanted to go in for some serious religion, but my Sweetie had his heart set on fried chicken.

Which, of course, won out.

Gotta love a place that keeps an old Johnson outboard motor in the hall beside the restroom.


12:12 AM  
Blogger Windviel said...

Right you are, Ellen. Batten's is quite a place. It's typical of the kind of country general stores which thrived long before the onset of the Wal-Mart era. The simple and sound idea was to provide as much as possible under one roof.

Batten's is seldom empty or inactive. It smells and feels like the real thing. We worry that younger folks won't want to carry on such places so you'll see us posting more such places as we find them.

Thanks for your comment.

12:32 AM  

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