Thursday, May 18, 2006

This, too, is the Low Country


The South Carolina Low Country is a theme which hitched a ride last week and travels with us yet. We've driven through an album less of the classic tourism promotional sort and more of the roads not usually taken. We feel that there is beauty in the rustic and remote spots no yet fully underfoot. We seek the unbroken spots which have not yet been fixed by development.

If we were broadcasting this web log, the FCC might insist that we give equal time to some of the less picturesque, less "SANDLAPPER" quality images of our Low Country. The photo above should put us into compliance. When you cross the Wando River on Hwy 41, this is the first thing you see on your left upon entering Berkeley County. It was U-turn material.

The house is neither here nor there, but holds up the sign which is the object of our affections. This is a good quality professionally rendered sign which commemorates a fresh felony upon the wounded and rightful owner of one boat trailer. Now, we've seen all manner of boat toting equipment, but even in today's market and the Sucker Belt in which we live, Five Grand will fetch a very nice new trailer. So, it would appear that the above captioned " SOB " made off with a valuable rig. So angry is the lawful owner that only God's help could equal the wrath which will be visited upon the thief. We wonder whether an "SOB" is a "That" or a "Who", but that's splitting hairs where splitting heads may be more to the point. The sign, alas, does not tell us where to collect the money, but you can bet that we ain't knocking on THAT door to find out.

Oh, backing up, we've presumed that the maker of this declaration is a man. This is not the auto reflex of a sexist mind. No, we figured that if the owner had been a lady, she'd have either stowed the trailer in safer spaces or would certainly not warn anyone of her plans for revenge.


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