Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Pon-Pon Reconsidered

[PHOTOS ARE COMPRESSED PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR BETTER RESOLUTION]>Some of the sites we have visited draw us back for the pure joy returning to places which caught our imagination. The old Pon-Pon Chapel is such a place. This historic structure survives as a facade only and located in what once was St. Bartholomew's Parish, organized in 1706, now Colleton County, SC. The Tri-Centenial of Colleton County is being celebrated now so it seems meet and right to retrace some steps.

It had been attacked by Yemassee Indians in 1715, was rebuilt and later burned around 1796 and was thereafter known as the " Burnt Church ". We have been informed that the church wasn't the only thing which had burned here.

A faithful reader took the time to comment on our original posting which showed a different view of the chapel. He had first wondered how we penetrated the steel pipe gate which protects this historic site. Simple: it was wide open and no person, sign or thing suggested much less posted against our entry.

He allowed as how this very site was used in modern times, perhaps around 50 or so years ago, for other than church meetings. This, he says, was a meeting place for the KKK and crosses had been burned on site. It is one chilling prospect and we have only this unsubstantiated account, but see no reason to dismiss it out of hand. If this is the case it only enriches the lore attached to this site.

We do not, of course, seek political dialogue. We do, however, feel cross burnings weren't exactly the forerunner of the " Welcome Wagon ". It doesn't quite sound like our cuppa tea. The only hood we have is that which covers that 4.6 Liter V8. That's not a fraternity which we've ever been asked to join and feel that we're much more AAA than KKK material


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