Friday, August 01, 2008

On the set of 'ARMY WIVES"

We've been checking out the growth in Charleston's "Neck Area," that track of land laying between the Ashley and Cooper Rivers to its west and east at the peninsula's narrowest portion. It's bordered at the south by Mt. Pleasant Street, the old city line and the beginning of Spruill Avenue which is the new city line between Charleston and North Charleston, SC.

This is a former industrial area which is being transformed into lighter industries and general businesses. There are only two streets which run up the "Neck": King Street Extension and Meeting Street Road. We're on upper Meeting across from the Pepsi Cola plant in the 1500 to 1600 block stretch. We saw this new construction underway several weeks ago, but were taken by the rather small size and somewhat ticky tacky appearance. Once completed it was never open. We know that condos are poison in today's economy, but could a business fold before opening its doors? We pulled into the place yesterday for some answers.

Little did we realize that we'd stumbled on to the set of the Lifetime Network television series "Army Wives" being shot on location in Charleston. The series which we've read about, but never seen takes place in fictitious Fort Marshall. This spot is a cafe where some of the more colorful action is shot. From the road it appears to be a brick structure, but upon closer inspection it is simply plywood with an embossed design to make it resemble brick. We were drawn to a small poster attached to a telephone pole. It looked pretty real, but the telephone number gave it away. Anytime you see the exchange 555 , it's for TV or movies. That's probably so drunks won't dial the number late at night hoping to find one of the less formal Army wives who frequent the place in the series.

While it's a fake building the location is genuine being almost equidistant between two of the best known strip joints in the region. So, if the dialogue and action are as seedy as some critics claim, they're coming by it honestly.


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