Thursday, May 08, 2008

You're the Cream in my Coffee...

[ While the Mustang is in recovery we will be posting some previous entries ]

You’re the cream in my coffee,
You’re the salt in my stew
You’re the starch in my collar,
You’re the lace in my shoe

So goes a popular song published in 1923 and recorded by Ruth Etling in 1929. It's been featured in several movies including, IT'S A COCKEYED WORLD, a proposition which we believe to be quite true. Passers by must have thought this a cockeyed idea at first, but it seems to have caught on. It's a bit removed from the Bedlam of the college student radius which civilizes the atmosphere.

While our sentiments about the featured building aren't quite that strong, we are pleased to see an old dog doing new tricks. The structure on the corner of Rutledge Avenue at Nunan Street is pretty old. We can't be too assured of its long term survival, but the fact that it seems to be generating some bit of prosperity and gaining popularity are good signs. If you want to be seen, this is the spot. There must several thousands of cars passing this spot daily. Drivers west bound on the Crosstown must exit here to wend their way downtown via Rutledge Avenue.

The neighbors of long standing in this neighborhood look in on the place with a combination of curiosity and wonder. New neighbors have found the place and appear to enjoy not having to go further down into the rowdy regions of the peninsula for designer coffee. The reuse of old buildings is encouraging as is the adaptation of new neighbors to the old neighborhoods.


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