Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dragging Anchor

The top photo was taken in May of 2006, the lower one was taken today. This is the old Anchor night club at 2700 Spruill Avenue in North Charleston,SC. We had high hopes that the club would be renovated into something which would provide a safe and enjoyable place for folks to drink and dance.

We were particularly fond of their classic sign. It has become fashionable to renovate industrial and commercial buildings for restaurants and art galleries,but to keep the original signs and exterior decoration. This could have worked well at the old Anchor. We thought that this was to be a success when it was
briefly turned into a nightclub with a decidedly Latin accent. We had hoped that the place would not be made too fancy nor overly gentrified. Those fears were clearly unfounded.

Unfortunately, the building has been drawn into anonymity with a coat of extra dull gray paint, the sign has been destroyed and someone has cordoned off what was the grand entrance with chain link fencing. We thought, well, maybe it's to be the new Navy brig and we'd at least get to see some terrorists paraded through the salleyport.

That, too, was not to be. We now have yet another scrap metal yard in the Charleston Neck area of our peninsula. Presumably, they buy scrap metal rather than selling it to the general public. You probably won't see any terrorists passing through here, but you might see some of your missing copper guttering being dragged in this direction.


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