Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Mount Pleasant Moment

We're tempted to go out on Halloween for Trick or Treating disguised as a convertible. We found one which is also Windveil Blue and thought of simply stealing the thing, but the owner was watching so we pretended to be friendly. That would save a lot of cosmetic surgery just for one night's fun. Of course, many have done much more to themselves for much less.

We spotted that GT convertible at an open air market at the intersection of Highways 61 and 165. This looked like no more than another roadside vendor pushing pumpkins, but at least he's not pushing the season. Some chain retailers we've had the necessary misfortune to visit were hawking Halloween back in early September. We were just glad that they didn't have a large lighted Styrofoam Santa to greet us here at Pumpkin World.

On leaving we realized that we were in the middle of yet another land use controversy in Dorchester County not far from Summerville. There is a large convenience store gas station on one corner, something just like it on the other corner and on the third corner the leavings of another nationwide drug store chain. This forth, more or less north west corner of 61 and 165, is in the sights of a developer. We're not sure what they're up to or how this could conceivably affect them, but we know that someone down 61 on Plantation row is grumbling about the plans.

Many unspoiled spaces are worth whatever effort is required to save them. This spot, however, is what we call a Mt. Pleasant Moment: nothing left to save. Finishing off this corner will give the intersection a sense of fully balanced anonymity. A uniform dullness will obtain and be thus enhanced by the routine landscaping which numbs the scene sufficiently to pass muster.

The complainant should have called this one in three constructions ago. Now, it's just something for the medical examiner to ponder.


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