Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hump Warning Sign Corrected

We're never reluctant about calling the City's hand when they deal us a bad card. We recently found a Speed Hump warning sign facing sideways where no approaching vehicle could see it. Not until a car busted an oil pan and the motor burned up would one be the wiser.

Not two days after we posted that picture the sign vanished from the post to which it had been fastened. We figured that was probably hanging in a dorm room or frat house just up the street.

Then less than a week later, bingo, new post, new sign and all as it should be. We're certain that it's mostly citizens who steal or deface road signs, but it seems clear that the City of Charleston is the one who has to put them right again.

Now, if we could encourage someone from the College, the Project, the neighborhood to dig up the blasted speed hump then all things would again be in their places.

To protect us from reprisals we found a vandal who agreed to spray paint our license tag. By chance, he happened to have a can of Windveil Blue in his possession.


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