Friday, October 12, 2007

Three Faces of Dillon County

Dillon County, South Carolina was created in 1910, a neoplasm excised from the upper torso of Marion County. One year later the Dillon County Courthouse was built. It is a massive Neo-Classical styled building designed by William Augustus Edwards. The SC Department of Archives and History says that "The elevations are unified by the discipline of the Ionic portico, which imposes its order on all elements of each elevation." The imposition of order seems an appropriate role of a courthouse. We were surprised to discover that every sixth brick course is recessed to simulate rustication.

In our survey of Dillon County, it did not seem necessary to cultivate rustication. We've included a picture of South of the Border which we discussed in detail last July. While it is dramatically less inspiring and attractive, it is the far better known wonder of Dillon County. Not very many students of architecture pull off of I-95 at this point.

Price's (new and used) Furniture sports the classic Coca-Cola ad, bears the official "Antiques" crest and was unable to resist posting, "Prices are Right at Price's" on the brick face of their store. In addition to appliances they've got a little something extra for the shopper. You will also see guns, "Long and Hand," offered at Price's. Would you like a Kalashnikov with that Kelvinator, a Magnum with your Maytag ?

At this elevation of human endeavor a building which imposes a sense of order seems meet and right.


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