Friday, January 05, 2007

No More Water, but by FIRE Next Time !


The promise of "NO MORE WATER" sounds like a drainage project for this flood prone area of the Crosstown in the middle of peninsula Charleston. Good news? Not a bit of it. When you have a closer look at the north wall of this house on President Street at the Crosstown there is a stronger message. "NO MORE WATER..BUY BY FIRE NEXT TIME" suggests that the 40 days and 40 nights of rain endured by Noah and the Ark crew was a relative pleasure cruise compared to what's next for a wicked world. In less than 4 hours of hard rain these streets are under a lot of water so this location is appropriate. Gridlocked drivers get a nice long look at this message when their cars flood out.

The message is a traditional one of lessons not learned, of squandered grace and of a great reckoning to come. Forget your umbrella for the next round and put on your asbestos underwear. Whether one believes that "JESUS IS THE ONLY FIRE ESCAPE", even the secular humanist can already smell the smoke.

We're not sure if that's Jacob's ladder the gentleman is climbing, but there is more than a modern day Esau chasing him up. We have no name to credit for this bit of instructive art work. The colors are striking. Those dabbings of white represent clouds against a deep blue sky. The rainbow is dramatic and surely the product of much time and devotion to the project. In contemporary corporate lingo, this painting does keep one "on message". When we step back to confront the whole picture, it's not Judy Garland's famous, "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" which is playing in our head.


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