Monday, December 18, 2006

Steak Night at the Country Club

In our posting on the Poinsett Club in Greenville a year ago, we asked the rhetorical question, "Are you clubbable?". Again we ask the question, but on the other side of the state this time.

This is Harold's Country Club situated on Hwy 17-A near Yemassee, SC. We were drawn by the mini mural promoting his bait and tackle offerings, but there's more to Harold's. He has a rib eye steak night ( Saturday), but members must order the meat in advance. You have a choice of cuts and some sidings, but Harold isn't getting stuck with unpaid steaks. On Thursdays, he has a pot luck dinner which varies as to the offerings, but is reported to be consistently good, very good they say.

There won't be any bubbly little college gals prancing to your table informing you of their name and declaring that they will be your server this evening. It seems that there a call to fall in at the food line and any who dilly dally may miss the boat. The gravy boat, that is.

Like other clubs, you must have both a shirt and shoes to enter. We could not find a lady on the road to attempt a topless entrance, but we wonder if that rule might not be waived on such special occasions. Whoops, there is a Mrs. Harold so we can forget that prank. You may not bring alcohol into the Country Club, you must purchase it within. Harold doesn't post any warnings about leaving with paid booze.

Harold's offers much of what we see less of these days in terms of old fashioned snacks and candies. He's a little short on the Beluga, but you'll always find a Penrose sausage, pickled eggs and, our favorite, jelly roll for desert.

While you have to pass muster with Harold to belong to the club, the general public may call at Harold's pumps to purchase gasoline. Only the clinically optimistic motorist would take the posted price to actually be twenty-two cents, but somehow it's easier when the first 2 is very tiny. It's the first cousin to the $xx.95 pricing game. Harold seems not unaware of prudent marketing psychology.

As long as honest, colorful, sincere folks like Harold maintain these delightful venues of character and individuality, we'll find the money to buy the gas to visit them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! My parents, who live in Beaufort, have told us many time of the great steaks they had at Harold's Country Club. Although they've described it, I'd never seen a picture. Thanks!

4:48 PM  
Blogger Windviel said...

Does our photo match your expectations? You should make the trip sometime. Visit them before they, too, are swept aside for some modern blight upon that land.

Much of what drives us to drive the back roads is finding such places which are still in operation. These are usually family operations and seldom do the following generations want to carry on. Quite literally we are chasing the clock in our search for places like Harold's.

Thanks for your comment and do try to visit them.

11:33 AM  

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