Monday, February 11, 2008

Hey, graffiti bums, this Bond's for YOU

Here's some artwork painted on a building which we dedicate to the bums who paint graffiti on City of Charleston equipment and on private property against the wishes of the owner.

We love all sorts of crazy, eccentric, beautiful, profane paintings on buildings....which the owner wanted on their building. We recognize uninvited graffiti, however, as a criminal act.

Through a failure of character and an absence of decency the defacing of property has been committed by tiny clusters of dolts who don't really matter, but wish they did. In a few local tabloids, blogs, on posters it is celebrated by people who would like to be arbiters of art and opinion, but are not.

Are those who deface property with graffiti rebels? No, they're retards. Are these blows against the empire? No, these are bums blowing paint on the property of other people. There's nothing heroic or artful or creative about these criminal acts. There is no native art at work, no expressions of ethnicity, no exercise of freedom in these self embarrassments. The idiots who do this are petty thieves because they steal from us all. They are not master criminals, but lower life forms.

So, for the vandals who damage our property and foul our view, this bond is for you. We hope it's a high one. The City of Charleston Police Department sends officers to paint over the graffiti in the same way we have to scoop up what the doggie leaves behind. It's one in the same. They are also looking to arrest you and we hope they do and we will help the police any way we can.


Blogger chucker said...

Hear, Hear!

My best graffiti story was of a head-over-heels-in-love teenager who spray-painted his undying devotion to a young miss. On a businessman's wall.

You know, "Billy loves Suzie." But .... he added his last name.

The newspaper story quoted his embarrassed parents who paid to have the damage repaired.

6:13 PM  
Blogger Windviel said...

Thanks for the comment, Chuck. Would that people had that same sense of pride or shame these days. We'd all enjoy those messages from the lovelorn a lot more than images of Andre the giant.

We know that you remember Kilroy, right ???

10:52 PM  

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