Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Red, White and Windveil Blue

Red, White and Windveil Blue, originally uploaded by PALMETT0.


Here's one we put up last winter to save for the 4th. We were in historic Branchville, SC, and this mural caught our eye. So, we put this one in our Mason jar and preserved it for this special day.

We are still in Ireland and for some reason they haven't lined the streets with the US Flag nor is the red, white and blue bunting laid out for us. It's great to be on vacation in this beautiful country, but we do miss being home today. We are in a country which nurtures within itself a great struggle between sections of its own country and against the strongest ally of the United States. We are, after all, the American cousins of Great Britain and are somewhat humbled and every so grateful to England and to Tony Blair who, to his great peril, has stood shoulder to shoulder with the US in what has become a most unpopular errand into the wilderness of the Middle East.

It's certainly a day to wave the flag and to glorify out country's founding, but it also seems to be a day to give thanks for the strong friends we have even when the weather is not so fair.


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