Friday, September 25, 2009

The Mustang You DO NOT Want to Meet

We've presented this Windveil Blue 2005 Mustang GT at places, from angles, in situations which we think are enjoyable and inviting. We'd like to think we're the kind of car folks might like to meet someday.'s one Mustang GT you DO NOT want to meet or even see in your rearview. Chances are you won't see him before he sees you.

The car belongs to the City of Charleston ( SC ) Police Department's Traffic Division. It is certainly the largest and probably the most prestigious municipal police force in South Carolina. CPD has its very own unique radio code system, examples: auto accident = Signal 40, traffic stop = Signal 19, DUI = Signal 45 and they do not use a " 10 " prefix which every other department in the US does. They have gone to an " On Glass " antenna for their two-way radio system which means no unsightly holes in that nice Mustang sheet metal. In fact, their GT might even be able to outrun the radio.

They patrol a municipality with very challenging and diverse traffic problems where some streets date back to pre-Revolutionary war days, many of which are one way. They deal with a community which has a military college, a medical university, a hell raising party college, a lot of crazy ( Signal 67 ) locals, an abundance of confused tourists all of whom have cars, lots and lots of cars who can't get there from here, but take to the road anyway.

We eased over to CPD headquarters ( 75 in radio code ) and got up with the traffic officer who pilots this black and white GT. He's big guy, a very nice fellow who kindly obliged us by parking along side and activated his blue lights which are the new LED type by the way. He asked how we liked the performance of our car and we replied that for some reason it never seemed to run over the speed limit in the City of Charleston jurisdiction, but ran a bit faster outside the city limits. We'd certainly enjoy seeing Unit #525 anytime socially, but ...not on business, please!


Blogger Big Ford Fan said...

Very nicely done blog. I love your Mustang, that was my dream once, but now I'm planning on a Pony Mustang instead of the GT.


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