Monday, May 14, 2007


Here in rural Dorchester County, South Carolina, with few attractions within walking distance, we would expect some interest in home entertainment opportunities. Owing to the lack of population density there is often no cable carrier willing to run lines to these remote locations. The satellite dish seems just the thing to meet this need.

We left the motor running when the picture above was taken. We weren't sure what to expect from a single family (modular, prefabricated) home which had almost as many satellite dishes on the roof as Santa assigned reindeer. There are Five dishes on the roof and one on a pole in the yard just in case a stray signal made it past the roof array. This was a new one on us. We nominate this home for placement in the National Register of Bizarre sites.

On our side of the home there is an attached or retrofitted addition which might house a water heater, is more likely a generator to power the bank of home entertainment units, but is most certainly not a bookcase.

We wondered whether those living under the five dishes were part of an intelligence gathering network or just very, very bored. In the prophetic movie, NETWORK, anchorman Howard Beale goes insane and begins telling Americans the truth about television. He tells viewers that what comes out of their TV sets is not the truth and that the networks will tell them any kind of **** that they want to hear. "We're in the boredom killing business," he says. That being the case, we have come upon boredom fighters of Olympic quality.


Blogger chucker said...

I believe if you save your photos as a larger file, we then can click on it and it is enlarged.

ight now, doesn't get larger so I missed seeing the dishes at first?!


11:58 AM  
Blogger Windviel said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Chuck. Yes, the dishes were the focal point, but were hard to see in the original. I cropped the photo a bit to bring them up, but one still has to look hard to see them.

I select "LARGE", the largest option, for the picture size when uploading to BLOGGER, but they don't get larger when you click on them once posted. The pictures sometimes become a bit more resolute, but not large.

I will check into this. You've got a great eye for pictures so I appreciate any comments and suggestions you have.

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm betting that the attachment is an in-house outhouse. How else could you make room for additional relief in a truly modular home ?

9:32 PM  
Blogger Windviel said...

You make a sound bet. The only reading material in that addition is the Sears catalog. With all the great programming out there, it's hard to tell the entertainment center from the latrine.

10:59 PM  

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